Georgia Thomas is an Australian self published author/illustrator with 3 children of her own. She is also a solicitor with a strong background in child protection. Her experience in this field has fuelled a desire to inspire change in a generation of children who will ultimately become parents themselves. Her upcoming book “Inspire Change”, forms the foundation of her speaking engagements which are aimed at encouraging anyone with a drive to do great things.

Her series of children’s books Yabby Tales – Books for Little Nippers, address issues shared by children (and parents) in a fun way. They encourage conversation in a group setting or one on one, and the resources available via Nippers Online help keep discussion alive long after the story has been told.

Kevin the Yabby

Kevin is a quirky character - sensitive, mischievous and a tiny bit cheeky. He loves meeting new people (although he gets a bit nervous sometimes), all types of sport, dancing... and even knitting. Although yabbies are known for their destructive tendencies, Kevin has worked hard to maintain a socially acceptable level of curiosity, and only dismantles things to see how they work.

Kevin was born in Perth on 17 March 2010, and recently came to the attention of author Georgia Thomas as she was looking for a central character for her series of books dealing with issues common to all little nippers.

Kevin has become a role model for children learning about life. He doesn’t always get it right, but he tries hard. Learn more about Kevin in Bedtime! (the first book in the series), or connect with him on Facebook.


This is the first in a series of books tackling topics like fear of the dark, bullying and sportsmanship. In this book, Kevin learns to look at shadows in a new light and discovers how much fun bedtime can be. Available in print or ebook.

Purchase print version HERE

Bedtime! Featuring Kevin the Yabby is

now available as an ebook on ITunes



The Good Sport

This is the second book in the Yabby tales series featuring Kevin the Yabby. In this book Kevin learns that losing is not so bad after all. Purchase print version HERE. Ebook coming soon.


An adventure fiction for tweens (9-12). Enjoyed by both girls and boys. Kayzar is a classic adventure story that crosses time and borders. Josh has been having problems at school since his dad left home, but when his mum takes a wrong turn on a camping trip, Josh makes some extraordinary friends. Together with Manny, 'Max' and her four amazing sisters, Josh learns about life, love and courage. Purchase print version HERE.

Ebook now available from Amazon and Kobo.

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