Freedom Is.

Freedom Is.

A couple of weeks ago I posted an image with the words, ‘Freedom is…’ and invited readers to complete the phrase.

Some of the responses were, ‘to live in Australia,’ ‘to have choices’ and ‘to live the life you want for yourself.’ As I thought about those statements, I realised I have these things. I live in freedom. For me, it exists. Rather than being something beyond my reach, almost every description I can give to illustrate freedom, is something I already have.... Freedom for many of us is a state of being, and the phrase 'freedom is' becomes a complete sentence.

The word ‘Is’ means ‘present’, ‘existing’, to simply ‘be’, so for many of us, ‘freedom is’ is as real as ‘it is’.

“What is? Freedom is.”

And although some may frown upon ending a sentence with a preposition (or starting one with ‘and’) – it is done, and it is acceptable.

I may be the only one who thinks this is profound, but I am seriously thinking of having some T-shirts made. Then every time someone gives me that look that says, “who do you think you are?” I can just point to my shirt. Freedom is.

When I make decisions concerning my own life...Freedom is.

When I'm grateful for all I have and choose to give…Freedom is.

When I walk away…Freedom is.

I’ve used this as a mantra during my walks this week and I can’t believe how inspired I feel. Unshackled. Privileged. Free.

This is my reality. I know it isn’t reality for everyone, but I hope it is for you. And if it is, I encourage you to wield it in a way that creates a new reality for others.


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