Why I wouldn't mind being a small cog.

As I gathered Lego pieces to form the accompanying photo, my daughter...

Important things to learn from selfies

I’m amused by how prolific selfies have become, and although I’ve never embraced the practice on social media, there is a type of selfie I have taken over the years that I have found to be invaluable.

Our design

A couple of weeks ago Theo, Sophia and I visited the beach after work. The sun was setting and as we wandered along the water’s edge

Reflection builds resilience

I’m not an advocate of the saying that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I prefer to think that taking time to reflect on how we’ve been effected by life’s events, builds resilience. It’s not as catchy, but I think it is more accurate.

Eyes on the water

Everyone knows what it means when an arm is raised high from the water...

Does the Caterpillar know?

Have you ever wondered if a caterpillar ponders his existence?

Sometimes we just need to watch life...

Sometimes we just need to watch life for a while...and that's ok.

Glimmers of Hope

Mr T and I have a very special 8 year old with ASD and SPD. Her day is a series of challenges as she struggles to cope with certain situations and learn how to manage them.

Being yellow in a red world

Every day, people strive to be different; to stand out from the crowd and have their uniqueness noticed.

It's the little things...

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