Take My Hand


Such a simple statement that contrasts thoughts of friendship, comradery and protection, with dramatic images of rescue and salvation – not just in a spiritual sense, but saved from circumstances or even saved from ourselves.

Plucked from burning buildings, pulled from rubble or the rising tide. We’ve all watched movies where someone hangs from a great height, grasped hands being the only thing between life and certain death. The tension that builds as one strugg...les with the weight and the other tries to find a foothold. Then the wave of relief as they both find safety.

Both invested in the rescue. Both rewarded by the outcome.

Take my hand…

A hand to guide, to comfort or support.

A symbol of strength, hope, agreement - united in purpose and resolve.

But in every scene I picture, two roles are played – two people, each capable of uttering the words, “Take my hand, I’ll help you.” Or “Take my hand, help me.”

Which are you? Are you able to reach out to someone in need and say those words, or are you the one in need of a lifeline? I believe the ebb and flow of life enables us to be both. Not necessarily at once, but alternating between the two. Seeking help when it’s needed and offering assistance when we are able. Simple acts of kindness or life altering deeds - we are all capable of giving back in some capacity.

A wonderful balance of giving and receiving.

Not giving to receive. Just giving. Because if we all approach life that way, there will be more than enough kindness to go around.

I wish you well on your journey this week. In whichever role you play, look for opportunities to take someone’s hand – both literally and figuratively. Watch for an outstretched hand and grasp it firmly.


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