This Little Light...

Have you ever been walking in the dark, while someone else holds the flashlight? Did they shine it on things ahead of themselves and leave you stumbling over obstacles you didn’t see coming? Some ‘torch holders’ will shine it up into the trees, tease the cat with it, or even light up their own mouth while you twist your ankle in a pot-hole.

Now I ask you, “What’s the point of having a torch if we aren’t going to use it correctly?”

A torch…or any asset for that matter, is something of value. It has the capacity to change the circumstances of those who need it. But when we misuse assets, opportunities, positions of leadership, we rob others of a benefit intended for them.

I can’t watch the news without getting angry at the inaction of those who could make a difference to the current suffering. So much influence and power is held by individuals who are overly concerned that the spotlight might shift from their own faces. They seem afraid that the light might fall on those in the shadows and not return to them, so they sing and dance to maintain our attention. They use the light they have been given, for the wrong purpose - prancing about in its stream while those who need it lose their footing.

I long for the day when I stop what I’m doing to listen to the words of a leader who rallies our nation toward something I can be proud of. Rather than shake my head in disbelief at the nonsense poured forth, I long for the need to 'shush' those around me so I don’t miss a word.

I want to shout at those with power, with influence, and privilege to stop squandering assets that are meant for others.

But before I can, I need to make sure I’m not doing the same thing.

I’m not particularly wealthy and I haven’t been voted into a position of authority, but I’m an educated woman who can write well enough and string together a few words as the need arises. I have access to a vast world of information and resources, and the ability to make sure I’m doing the best I can with the light I’m holding. That’s the challenge I’ve given myself this week and the one that I now pass to you.

From parents and teachers, to the leaders of our nations; sportsmen, cultural and religious leaders and anyone who can write a letter or speak to a crowd - look closely at the position you hold, the assets you control and the opportunities you have. Take a good hard look at what you’re doing with those tools and if by some chance you’re walking around with the torch in your mouth, give yourself a clip over the ear and shine the light on the damn path.


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