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Over the coming months this page will be updated with free links and resources for little nippers. Save it as a favourite & visit often.


1. KEVIN  (As he appears on the cover of Book 1 - Bedtime!)

2. POND SCUM DELIGHT (Mmm, delish!)

3. STARS ABOVE (Draw yourself looking up at the night sky)

4. TEETH (Brush those pearly whites)

5. GIANT CUPCAKE (What toppings will you add?)


1. SHAPES 1 (Cut, Match & Paste shapes over their shadow)

2. SHAPES 2 (A few trickier shapes to cut around)

3. SHAPES 3 (Which shapes overlap to form these shadows?)

4. MAGAZINE SCAVENGER HUNT (Cut and paste from an old magazine) 2pgs

5. LETTER JUMBLE (How many words can you make from these letters?)

You can send your pictures to Kevin at PO Box 831, Wyong NSW 2259 and ask an adult to watch Kevin's facebook page for updates (Only first name, age and suburb are included in any facebook posts)

Dream Big!

Kevin (the Yabby) x

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